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Self Adhesive Phone Mounts

Self Adhesive Phone Mounts

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Equip your car with a minimalist phone holder!
Do you hate the bulky car phone holders that block your view while driving? Then it's time for a change! Outfit your car with the CarGadget™ self-adhesive phone holder, which offers a discreet way to mount your phone. Check it out below:

✅Keeps your phone stable and secure.

Even if you use it while driving, you won't notice any vibration. The mount provides a stable hold for your phone, so there's no risk of it falling off.

✅Show your phone in portrait or landscape mode.

You can always adjust the length to fit smartphones and larger devices like tablets. And it can also hold the phone in horizontal or vertical orientation.

✅Protects the phone from scratches.

The phone is protected from bumps and scratches by PVC and other soft materials that will not damage the device.

✅Holds various types of gadgets.

The  Self Adhesive Phone Holder is not only suitable for smartphones, but also for larger devices like tablets and iPad. Even with this, the super adhesive won't wobble and will stick to your devices. Nowadays, it is very useful to have such a holder!

✅Super easy to install

It has a double-sided adhesive material, has high stickiness, is stable and does not come off easily.

Specifications :
Material: PP
Size: About 6.5*2.9cm
Color: Black, green, purple, pink, yellow
Applicable to: Car, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom

Description :
1. The multifunctional mobile phone bracket is made of solid and durable materials, which will not easily shake and fall
2. It does not block the line of sight, easy navigation, and has a charging port position for convenient charging.
3. It is highly viscous and easy to install. You can choose the installation range by yourself.
4. It is widely used in cars, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms

Packing list: 2 pairs (4pcs)Self Adhesive Phone Holder




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