About Us

LenovoGo is a website that specializes in selling jewelry and was founded in 2021. Our founder is a jewelry designer whose passion and dedication to jewelry led him to create his own brand.
At the beginning, we were just a small local jewelry store. However, with our continuous introduction of new products and superior customer service, we gradually became one of the renowned local jewelry retailers.
With our professional skills and respect for the jewelry industry, we insist on using the highest standards of materials and craftsmanship to create every piece of jewelry, and strive to give back to our customers at reasonable prices. This persistence has enabled us to continue to grow, attracting more and more loyal customers and partners.
With the accumulation of experience and business, our vision began to turn to the global market. By strengthening our brand image and expanding overseas business, we believe that the future development prospects are very broad. Today, LenovoGo has become a well-known jewelry brand both domestically and internationally, and we still adhere to the founder's original intention, committed to providing customers with the best jewelry design, quality, and service. Love shopping but need help? Contact our coolest customer support representatives 24/7!
Email: support@lenovogo.com