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Magic Eyebrow Pencil

Magic Eyebrow Pencil

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Unique four point pen point.Brush your eyebrows.The roots are clear.Like the original eyebrows.Very natural and durable.Rich liquid coloring formula.Make up effect lasts long and natural. Give you different beauty makeup.

  • FOUR PRONGED DESIGN: Like one eyebrow after another tattoo feeling.With its unique roots. It is very natural and durable.
  • PREVENT FRICTION: No matter how to knead. Won't be out of shape. Won't drop makeup.
  • EASY TO PLASTIC: It takes only a few seconds to plastic quickly.
  • PEN COVER DESIGN: Easy to use. Dustproof and bacteria free.
  • A PEN FORMING: Three dimensional vivid, Natural smooth.
  • WATERPROOF: Won't take off makeup in case of water.


  • When using eyebrow, Answer to be in facial dry or do not use any to protect skin to taste and when making up powdery bottom to use.
  • If there is oil on the surface, It will easily block the air outlet and cause the water to be not smooth.
  • Therefore, It will be more lasting if it is directly painted on the skin of eyebrows.


  • Color: Light Brown / Dark Brown / Red Brown / Gray Brown / Black.
  • Ingredients: Water / Propylene Glycol.
  • Type: Four pointed.


  • 1 x Magic Eyebrow Pencil.
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